Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fun times

So yesterday we all had a great day!! I spent the day baking cakes for Corinne's birthday dinner and the kids painted and played :)
here are the mini cakes I made:

All three mini cakes!
Layerd pink cake!! <3 the wow factor as it was cut!

Zoe helping to blow out nana joy and rins candle

the hungry hungry hippo! (that boy pigged out!)

Elephant hat got lot's of loving haha I think everyone had a go at being an elephant thanks to little miss zoe <3

Lots of fun was had at the dinner party and was a great night spent with my adopted family ;)

anyway i just thought i would pop on the blog world and share the fun, i hope you all had as great a day as i did!

Xx kristy

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