Sunday, 27 November 2011

And so it begins...

Hmm where to start?!
    I guess with hello :)
Here is a little bit about me. I'm a mum of two gorgeous kids (Zoe 2 and a half and Tyler who is 6 months old.

 I LOVE to cook (especially cakes, i have such a sweet tooth) I'm the head pastry chef at a patisserie in my little town, we mainly do catering for wedding which is soo much fun! I also specialise in occasion cakes from home. (have yet had the chance to make a wedding cake but i am itching for the chance. So if you know anyone who would like a cheap wedding cake send them my way!!! I am quite capable and eager)
  I have recently entered the world of craft with one of my best friends corinne. She is very talented and very patient with me lol ( sometimes it takes me a bit longer than anticipated to make something due to all the breaks that consist of peek-a-boo and hide and seek)

Corinne and I have a little facebook business page that you can fine here. Its a bit of crafty fun that we like to do on the side and has been great to just have someone to share my crafty urges with. We are constantly talking over ideas and sharing our inspirations!   If you would ever like a handmade goodie come and have a look. (dont be scared to request something we are willing to try ANYTHING!!!)

And now to show you my first little creation ( go easy on me i havent sewed in years!!!!!)
This is a tiny dinosaur toy i made for my daughter:

I'm very proud of this little toy :D So far it has endured throwing across the room, tug of war, chewing, sloberfying and general 2 yr old damage. Such a surpirse! I did start to sew this on the machine but as it is a teeny tiny dinosaur i did have to end up hand sewing it :p I have already been asked to make THREE more!! I think these might be a big hit ;)

 I have also had a little go at making something for the home :) They are my little picture frame white boards -

^This one has been living on my kitchen counter top and its soo useful! great for leaving myself little reminders or to quickly jot down a recipe before i start cooking so my cook book doesn't get all messy :p

Well i cant think of much else to say at the moment (I'm just too tired)

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!! Keep your eye out for my next project, its looking good!

xoxo kristy