Sunday, 22 January 2012

a long awaited hello

Hello blogging world,
I have been very absent recently. Sorry about that. Life can get a bit crazy and wonderful sometimes!!!
I dont know if any of you saw last week but I blogged about a little competition on A ditchin' time Quilts blog. Guess who the lucky winner was...... ME :) woo hoo

I now have this cute little needle book on the way in the mail, thanks steph!
But for those of you who have missed out there is a little tutorial on how to make one here -

I have had lots of fun this last week making up a baby shower / new baby gift package!! Its not quite finished yet so I will post picture's later. So far it consists of a nappy wallet with built in change matt, bib, dummy leash/clip, burp cloths and a really beautiful blanket made of minky and cotton!!

On the kids front Zoe has started using her potty!!!! Hooray. I have not been pressuring her to do so but everynow and then reminding her that it was there. She would go do her business on it but still with her nappy on :s Funny girl. But she finally over came her stage fright yesterday. Proudly ripped her nappy off and ran for it!!!  I think she was just as proud of the accomplishment as I was <3

Tyler on the other hand has started climbing furniture and standing up :s And now the fun begins hahaha. I was really hoping he would hold off on doing that for a little longer but he had other plans. He also got his first tooth yesterday!!

Sweet Blossoms Handmade has taken off in the last week!!! We are now currently working on seven custom orders!! Consisting of a mixture of tooth fairy pillows, nappy clips, hats, aprons, nappy wallets, bibs, TUTU's and a few other things.

Dont forget that Corinne and I will be participating in WAHM delights market night!!! Corinne has gotten her item already up ( im a bit slow :P )  and its a gorgeous elephant hat!!!!  Please go and have a look.

Well that me for the morning, Im off to clean my house and get back to sewing.

Please if you have any suggestions of anything else I can add to my baby packs please drop me a line or leave a comment bellow ;)

Xx Kristy

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Giveaway alert

A ditchin time quilts is having a give away :) come and check it out ;)

how cute is that?! ^

talk soon
Xx K

Monday, 9 January 2012

Growing up

I had to share a total proud mum moment with you!!! My baby has started preschool today!!! I'm just soo happy for her and excited and a little sad. It's all going by soo fast and right now im a big bundle of mixed emotions. She will always be my baby <3

She looks a little worried

But then she realised and was SUPER excited